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Copper Water Bottle (1000ml)

Copper Water Bottle (1000ml)

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Ayurveda, a natural system of medicine that originated in India, describes many health benefits provided by drinking water from copper containers. Sip water from your beautiful genuine copper bottle throughout the day to support a healthy lifestyle. You will enjoy the luxurious feel of the copper and clean, modern look. Expertly designed and handcrafted by artisans, the bottle is diamond-textured with a natural finish.
Caution - Do not drink water from bottle that has been contained for more than 12 hours - empty it out and refill 


  • Capacity: 34 oz./1 litre
  • Screw-top lid with gasket for leak prevention
  • Bottle's exterior is coated with food-grade lacquer to protect against tarnish.
  • Recommend cleaning with lemon juice, sea salt, or vinegar rather than soap
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