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Kaholo Blend Tea

Kaholo Blend Tea

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Savor the delicate and crisp flavor of our Sencha green tea, blended with a hint of sweet and tangy orange peel, and a touch of spicy ginger for an invigorating and refreshing taste. Our blend also includes cinnamon, which adds a warm and cozy flavor, along with coconut, which provides a sweet and creamy taste. We also add a pinch of peppermint, which adds a refreshing and minty aftertaste.

Our Kaholo Blend Tea is perfect for a morning energizer or an afternoon pick-me-up. With every sip, you will feel refreshed, invigorated, and ready to take on the day.

Experience the tropical and refreshing taste of our Kaholo Blend Tea today. Order now, and enjoy the perfect blend of Sencha green tea, orange peel, ginger, cinnamon, coconut, and peppermint for a unique and delightful tea experience.

Steep Time : Water to 3/4 (75- 80C) and steep for 5:00- 8:00 minutes

Preferred Flavor Profile : Touch of agave nectar

Ingredients : Organic sencha, Organic orange peel, Organic ginger, Organic cinnamon, Organic Coconut, Organic peppermint

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  • Organic tea is grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or harmful chemicals. It is a healthier and safer option for tea drinkers, as it is free from harmful residues found in conventional tea. Organic tea is grown sustainably and often sourced from small, family-owned farms, promoting fair trade practices. Choose organic tea for a healthier and more sustainable option.

  • Drinking organic tea provides numerous benefits, including improved overall health, reduced exposure to harmful chemicals, and a more sustainable tea option. Organic tea contains antioxidants, which can help reduce the risk of chronic diseases.

  • Organic tea is grown without synthetic pesticides, fertilizers, or harmful chemicals, making it a healthier and safer option. Regular tea may contain these harmful residues, putting consumers at risk.

  • Our herbs and teas are carefully selected and sourced from around the world to create a truly unique cup of tea. We understand that herbs from different regions can have distinct flavors, which is why we take care to cultivate and blend our ingredients to perfection.

  • Our tea collection includes Ceylon and Assam black teas, Sencha and Genmaicha green teas, silver needle white tea, Oolong yellow teas, Rooibos red teas, as well as yerba mate herbal tea.

  • Avoid keeping your teas stored in sunlight or near heat sources such as stoves, ovens, or other warm places. Heat can degrade the quality of the tea, removing flavor and aroma, and increasing the chance that your tea will take on moisture

  • All dependant on the tea. Our black teas have much more caffiene than our white teas. Our green teas have a moderate amount of caffeine while Rooibos has no caffeine at all. If you are looking for caffeine free options; browse through our red tea and herbal tea selection

  • The tea bags are made from Abaca hemp fibers. The natural cellulose fibers are compostable/biodegradable, however, upon completion of composting, a residue of synthetic fibers (Polyefin) will remain.  So most of it will break down easily, but the fibers will not entirely.

  • Each tea’s brewing temperature and time is dependant on the type of tea it is. Black teas require a hotter temperature with a longer time, while white teas will require a cooler temperature with a shorter time. Specific steep times are on each tea product page